Work Samples

A web application takes the business functionality of traditional software and moves it to the browser. By hosting data in the cloud, information can be accessed securely over the Internet from any authorized remote device.

Following are few examples of projects I have done over the past several years in my career as a web application developer.

Humblee PHP Framework and Integrated Content Management System

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Description: Humblee is a programming framework that allows Six Eight Interactive to rapidly build out truly-custom, data-driven applications that are not only feature rich, but still simple for any business user to update.

The open source framework handles page routing, user authentication and role-based authorization. It includes tools for easily encrypting data and files, sending transactional emails and SMS messages, and generating UI forms for custom data management.

The integrated Content Management System (CMS) allows the creation and editing of pages, uploading files, managing users and setting access privileges for both pages and files.

Auto Warranty Policy Managment App

Description: The auto warranty sales application website is used by individual automobile retail locations to quote and sell vehicle warranties as well as by regional sales agents to manage those retail clients and their customers. The site allows for the management of agents, clients and customers; each with their own role and security permissions. New policies are quoted based on a comprehensive combination of vehicle criteria, pre populated in the app using a VIN decoding API. Policies are paid for using, either by the customer using recurring payments or by the retail client.

Role: Database architecture, PHP programming, Javascript application logic programming.

Key Tech: User Role/Authorization Managment, VIN Decoding, Authorize.NET Payment Gateway. XHR, cURL.

Pharmasutical Tradeshow Progressive Web App

Description: Designed as an interactive tour to showcase a pharmaceutical company’s latest educational app, the iPad-specific site walks prescribing doctors through the product’s features. The site allows users to step through an audio and visual presentation at their own pace with pop-quiz questions throughout.

Role: Front-end HTML, CSS and Javascript application logic programming.

Material Design Theme for OpenVBX App

Description: OpenVBX is a powerful GUI for running a web-based business phone system but its design and available themes look dated and, in my opinion, somewhat unprofessional. Using Google's Material Design concepts and a familiar color scheme, I created a new theme that overhauls the look and feel of the app with a hybrid-flat design.

Role: Design and programming

Key Tech: SASS and CSS3, FontAwesome, OpenVBX, Twilio

Sales Presentation Tool

Key Tech: User authentication, file upload management, file encryption, SSL installation, automated scheduled clean-up tasks, transactional e-mail notifications.

Description: This sales tool allows team members to create personalized and customized online sell sheet microsites specifically tailored to their prospective customers. Administrators manage the pool of assets and multi-media links available to all sales team users who, in turn, use the tool to easily create one-off brand compliant presentation, attach encrypted documents and set privacy permissions for their potential clients to view.

Role: Concepting, database architecture, PHP programming, front-end design implementation.


ARRL Online Join/Renew Membership Application

Description: Online membership purchase shopping cart system integrated into existing website, serving over 154,000 members. The application mitigates a complex matrix of membership options and incorporates known AARL data and public records from the FCC to pre populate user demographic fields and simplify the ordering process.

Role: Database development, PHP programming, HTML/Javascript programming. Integrating with existing payment gateway API.

Key Tech: Asynchronous javascript to match membership ID numbers and usernames, FCC database API integration, payment gateway integration.


Agency Content Management System and Developer Framework

Role: Planning and strategy, database architecture, PHP programming, HTML/Javascript UI

Description: Proprietary framework used for most agency website projects, allowing developers to quickly implement feature-rich websites while providing a clean and user friendly CMS for clients to manage all aspects of their website’s content.

Key Tech: Developer UI tools to easily implement page templates and content blocks, manage user roles and i18n language content and to quickly and easily create new custom end-user tools on a per-site basis. Additional pre built functionality allows for quick implementation of data and file encryption as well as payment processing through or other vendor gateways. End user interface tools to add and remove pages with pre-defined templates and security permissions, edit all content and SEO meta data, upload files and images, manage users, audit content history and revisions, customize menus, create redirecting vanity alias and marketing links.


Link minifier tool

Description: A tool to create short, shareable web links for use on social media sites.

Role: Concepting, Database creation, PHP programming, HTML/Javascript front end views.


Online Donation Integration

Description: Added a secure payment form to website to accept donations through an exisiting website.

Role: Database creation, PHP and Javascript programming, SSL implementation.

Key Tech: payment gateway API, SSL