About Six Eight Interactive LLC

Who is Micah Murray?

I have been working professionally as a web technologies programmer since 2003, a decade of which as a senior level developer for several of Connecticut's top marketing agencies. I live in Enfield, Connecticut with my two young daughters.

What is Six Eight Interactive?

SixEightInteractive.com is the online portfolio and marketing website maintained to promote my part-time freelance programming services.  Six Eight Interactive LLC operates as a single-member limited liability company, registered in the state of Connecticut.

What is your availability?

My freelance work is done outside of my full time role as a professional web developer. I do my programming work in the evenings and on weekends. That being said, I am reachable by e-mail at any time and do my best to reply to mail and phone calls in a timely manner. I work out of my home in Enfield, CT. If you are located nearby and a project requires an in person conversation or demonstration, I will happily travel to your business or meet up at a local coffee shop.

Are you a web designer?

While I have an eye for design and am proficient in using design software, I am not a designer by training or trade. I work closely with very talented graphic artists and UI experts to implement and program the look and experiences they create. For projects that don't need a professional designer, I use tools and templates that generate clean designs in combination with my own experience and judgment.

I have an existing website that I’m happy with but just want to add interactive functionality or perhaps a content management system, can you still help?

Of course! Lets discuss your needs and then, once I review the inner workings of your current site, we can talk about either updating what you currently have or porting the existing design and content to a new platform that better accommodates the upgraded tools and features.

I am already working with a designer, can you do the programming if he or she is doing the design?

Sure, after we've talked a bit about your project, just put me in contact with whomever else you have on the project.  I can play as big or as little of a role as you need.

I am a designer or agency with my own clients but not a programmer, can we work together?

Yes, I will gladly subcontract for you or work directly with your clients on a per project basis, unless you are in direct competition with my daytime employer or if working with your client would create some other conflict of interest. Lets talk!

My website or app has to be built in a specific language, is that a problem?

In addition to JavaScript, HTML and CSS, my experience and skill set is deeply rooted in PHP, a language that is more than 20 years old and runs on over 80% of all websites. I have worked in many other languages, including .NET and ColdFusion and I am comfortable accessing or modifying existing code but I am not as proficient. It may not benefit either of us for me to undertake an entire project in Java, C#, Python or any server-side language other than PHP.  But lets talk about your needs.

I have a crazy idea for an app, can you help?

Probably. As a TV character once said, "There are no bad ideas. Just good ideas that go horribly bad."  If you have a viable concept I'd love to help you invent the next great thing. As a rule of thumb, I'm not interested in bitcoin schemes or anything illegal.  Also, I don't work for spec or equity. All projects must be fully paid for upon completion; not just when they "start to make money."

How much will my project cost?

The short answer is, "every project is different, let's talk." The longer answer is that I have an hourly rate that I base all my quotes off of. Once we have discussed your needs and decided on a course of action I can give a much more detailed estimate. Unless the scope of the project changes after beginning work, I generally don’t charge more than the original quote, even if it takes me longer than I anticipated.  I also do not usually charge for time spent communicating with my clients or other vendors; writing e-mails and talking on the phone are off the clock.